Benchmark Electric can help you add a solar energy system to your home!

Across Canada, home owners are adding solar electric panels to their roofs. They are doing this to save electricity and to reduce their power bills. They are choosing to use their own solar energy first, and many homes meet 20 to 50% of their annual power need from their rooftop system. They are choosing to use green energy over nuclear and coal. Since solar electric prices have fallen dramatically over the past 5 years, solar systems are now affordable.

It’s easier than ever to put solar to work on any home connected to the electrical utility grid with HES-PV’s Grid-Tie Systems. These complete packages combine the latest Hanwha solar modules and the highest quality inverters for complete, reliable and fully compatible rooftop solutions. For more information on Grid-Tie and how it works, click here.

Off Grid
The simplest and most reliable way to put solar to work at your home or cottage is a Home Energy Solution! These kits are designed for fast, easy and fully code compliant installations. For more information on Off-Grid click here.

The Secure Source Backup Power Systems are designed to keep important loads in your home or business running in the event of a power failure. These fully integrated battery/inverter packages are in a compact cabinet, and pre-wired for fast and easy installation. For more information on backup systems, click here.

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Benchmark Electric is a certified hespv-logo installer.

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